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导读:2015 年 6 月英语六级翻译真题答案汇总试卷一:中国宴席 题目: 中国传统的待客之道要求饭菜丰富多样,让客人吃不完。中国宴席上典型的菜单 包括开席的一套凉菜及其后的热菜,例如肉


2015 年 6 月英语六级翻译真题答案汇总试卷一:中国宴席 题目: 中国传统的待客之道要求饭菜丰富多样,让客人吃不完。

中国宴席上典型的菜单 包括开席的一套凉菜及其后的热菜,例如肉类、鸡鸭、蔬菜等。

大多数宴席上,全鱼 被认为是必不可少的,除非已经上过各式海鲜。

如今,中国人喜欢把西方特色菜与传 统中式菜肴融于一席,因此牛排上桌也不少见。

沙拉也已流行起来,尽管传统上中国 人一般不吃任何未经烹饪的菜肴。



参考答案: The traditional Chinese hospitality requires food diversity, so that guests will be full before eating up all the dishes. A typical Chinese banquet menu includes cold dishes served at the beginning, followed by hot dishes, such as meat, poultry, vegetables, etc. At most banquets, the whole fish is considered to be essential, unless various kinds of seafood have been served already. Today, Chinese people would like to combine Western specialties with traditional Chinese dishes. Therefore, it is not rare to see steak being served as well. Salad is gaining popularity, although traditionally the Chinese people generally do not eat any food without cooking. There is usually at least a bowl of soup, served at the beginning or in the end of the dinner party. Desserts and fruit usually mark the end of the feast. 【重点词汇总结】 待客之道 hospitality 中国宴席 Chinese banquet 菜单 menu 开席 open seats 凉菜 cold dishes 热菜 hot food 全鱼 a whole fish 海鲜 seafood 特色菜 specialty 传统中式菜肴 traditional Chinese dishes 牛排 the steak 沙拉 salad 烹饪 cooking 一道汤 a soup 甜点 the dessert 试卷二:中国城市化 题目: 2011 年是中国城市化(urbanization)进程中的历史性时刻,其城市人口首次超过 农村人口。

在未来 20 年里,预计有 3.5 亿农村人口将移居城市。



中国政府一直提倡 “以人为本”的发展理念, 强调人们以公交而不是私家车出行。


有 了这个明确的目标,中国城市就可以更好地规划其发展,并把大量投资转向安全、清 洁和经济型交通系统的发展上。

参考答案: The 2011 is a historic moment in Chinese urbanization process, when the urban population surpassed the rural population for the first time. During the next 20 years, it is estimated that about 350 million rural population will move to cities. Such large-scale of urbanization is both a challenge and an opportunity to the urban traffic. The Chinese government has always been advocating “people-oriented” developing concept, emphasizing that people should travel by buses instead of by private cars. It also calls for the construction of “resource saving and environment friendly” society. With this explicit goal, China can have a better-planned urbanization process, and therefore divert more investment to the development of safe, clean and economical transportation system. 【重点词汇总结】 城市化 urbanization 进程 process 历史性时刻 a historic moment 城市人口 the urban population 农村人口 the rural population 超过 surpass 预计 it is estimated that 移居城市 move to cities (大)规模 large-scale 城市交通 the urban traffic 提倡 advocate “以人为本” people-oriented 强调 emphasize 私家车 private cars “资源节约和环境友好型” resource saving and environment friendly 明确的目标 explicit goal 转向 divert 安全、清洁和经济型交通系统 safe, clean and economical transportation system 试卷三:汉朝 题目: 汉朝是中国历史上最重要的朝代之一,汉朝统治期间有很多显著的成就。

它最先 向其他文化敞开大门,对外贸易兴旺。


各类艺术一派繁荣, 涌现了很多文学历史哲学巨著公元 100 年中国第一部字典编撰完 成,收入 9000 个字,提供释义并列举不同的写法。



汉朝经历了四百年,但统治者的 腐败导致了它的灭亡。

参考答案: The Han Dynasty is one of the most significant dynasties in the history of China and it attained lots of remarkable achievements during the reign. The Han Dynasty is the first in opening its door to other cultures, with the foreign trade prosperous. The Silk Road exploited in Han Dynasty lead to the central and west part of Asia, even Rome. The schools of art also present a state of flourish, springing up lots of monumental works in literature, history and philosophy. The first dictionary in China was compiled and finished in 100 A.D., which not only contains nine thousand Chinese characters, but also offers paraphrases and examples of different writing skills. Science and technology also made much progress during this period. People invented water clock, sundials and the instruments that can predict the earthquake. The Han Dynasty witnessed four hundred years and went to doom because of governors’ decadent. 【重点词汇总结】 汉朝 The Han Dynasty 统治 reign 显著的 remarkable 对外贸易 foreign trade 兴旺 prosperity 开拓 exploit 丝绸之路 the Silk Road 罗马 Rome 艺术流派 schools of art 巨著 monumental work 编撰 compile 释义 paraphrase 水钟 water clock 腐朽 decadent 灭亡 doom


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